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  • Abuja (ABV) - Nigeria Fr £353
  • Lagos (LOS) - Nigeria Fr £354
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  • Harare (HRE) - Zimbabwe Fr £425
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South Africa

  • Cape Town (CPT) - South Africa Fr £539
  • Johannesburg (JNB) - South Africa Fr £425
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  • Entebbe (EBB) - Uganda Fr £350
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  • Accra (ACC) - Ghana Fr £285
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  • Nairobi-Jomo Kenyatta (NBO) - Kenya Fr £336

The continent of Africa that is known for its wildlife and rich traditions. Get ready yourself to explore amazing Africa. 

Amazing Features of Africa 

The continent of Africa, where people come from the different regions of the world to visit its natural beauty, wildlife, nightlife and exploring ancient Africa. 

Natural Beauty  

Whether you are visiting the Africa first times or frequent traveler, African natural beauty attracts your soul. The world best places in Africa fascinates with the visitors and its beauty tells the epic story of Africa which is enough reason to visit this land. Its tropical rainforests, the coastline of Central Africa, Namib Desert, Green Mountains and Forests in the valleys of Africa show the different and astonishing view every day. When it comes to natural beauty, Africa is on the top list. 

Ancient and Modern Africa

The Ancient Africa where the customs, traditions, events, and festivals show the ancient life of Africa. These old memories still in the mind of numerous people. In many rural valleys of Africa where people live with old style and ways and there is no concept of modern life. But, they are famous for their hospitality, civility, and community mutual understandings. 
The urban life of Africa represents the modern and advanced life. But, the travelers prefer to explore ancient Africa and its historical era. This is a time when Africa does something creative and go towards modern life. They have been also controlled the environmental problem. 

Wildlife of Africa 

The home of lions, elephants, and hippos in Africa. The tourist's first priority to visit Africa is wildlife of this land. Most of the countries bring the Africans animals that increase the popularity of zoos. To see the African safari visitors came from every continent all over the year. 

Attractions in Africa

The wonderful and incredible continent of Africa popular for many historical places, forests, and museum & parks. 

  • Temple of Horus

The Egyptian ancient temple was built between 237 and 57 BC. 

  • Temple of Isis

This temple was built in 690 BC in Egyptian style.

  • St Katherine's Monastery

St Katherine’s Monastery founding to about AD 330.

  • White Desert National Park 

The area of this park is around 300square-KM and approximately 20km northeast of Farafra. 

  • Pyramids of Giza

The 4000 years old pyramids attract the tourists too much.

There are many more things to do in the land of Africa such as Valley of the Kings, Egyptian Museum, Katavi National Park etc. Don’t miss this tour at all. 

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