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  • Cebu (CEB) - Philippines Fr £385
  • Manila (MNL) - Philippines Fr £383
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  • Bangkok (BKK) - Thailand Fr £454
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  • Guangzhou (CAN) - China Fr £422

Asia is enduring traditions and secrets in remote forests. Asia is a continent so full of plotting, escapade, consolation, and religiousness that it has obsessed and perplexed holidaymakers for eras.

Prehistoric Asian Civilizations

In the global history, Asia introduced the many villains and heroes. The most of the modern achievement starts from Asia. In the historic era of Asia, the trade gets to achieve the level of fame and trading routes spread through Europe and Africa. Asian civilization gave the most innovatory ideas and imperative technology to the world. The Historical Architect of different empires shows the amazing view such as Taj Mahal and other Indo-Pak Historical buildings. The Great Wall of China and the temples of Angkor represent the beauty of Asia. 

Massive Landscapes

There are huge mountains ranges that spread over Nepal, China, India, Pakistan etc. The life of forests increases the beauty of Asia. The one of the biggest forest Sunder Bun spread over the India and Bangladesh. The flow of different rivers shows another amazing view of the beauty of Asia. The Asian coastlines famous all over the world and the tourists came from the different continents to visit these beaches. Indian and South China Sea’s seashores are considered busiest places. 

Delicious Foods 

The wonderful world of the Food in Asia. The travelers that came from different lands like the foods of Indo-Pak, Thai, and Chinese. The Singaporean restaurants are the famous among the visitors. The streets of Bangkok are considered the busiest streets all over the world. There is a variety of cuisines that travelers love most and enjoy a lot their vacations of Asian delicious food.   

Attractions in Asia 

Why visit Asia??? There is a huge number of the places that visitors want to visit in the continent of Asia. 

  • The Great Wall of China 

The Great Wall of China every year millions of tourists came there and visit this ancient Wall. This wall was built in the 7th century. 

  • Taj Mahal 

Another example of brilliant art is Taj Mahal which was built in Agra, India in the era of Mughal Empire. 

  • Golden Temple  

The Golden Temple located in the Amritsar, India and the biggest temple of the Sikh community. 

  • Forbidden City

The forbidden city is considered in the ancient cities of China. 

  • Angkor Wat

The travelers first choice to visit the Angkor Wat which was built in 1112–52. 

There are many more attractions in the different countries of Asia and things to do in the beautiful land of Asia. 

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