About Us:

Travel2World started its functions in 2011 as an online travel agency and is providing services for flight reservations and itinerary planning to travelers and tourists all around the globe. The company has partnered with several leading airline companies all around the world and is able to provide excellent travel and tour deals with lowered airfares. In addition, the proficient agents at Travel2World can also plan out itineraries for its customers ensuring that they have a good time wherever they travel to. Traveling with Travel2World, travelers and tourists are able to plan out desirable itineraries and enjoy them without needing to spend a great deal of money.

Company Background:

Travel2World is part of Moresand Group. You can reach us at our headquarter at these coordinates Fitzrovia, 38 Riding House Street, London W1W 7ES. Years of persistent service, success and acclamation have exalted Moresand Group to be listed among the “1000 most inspiring small and medium-sized companies” by London Stock Exchange, that has further propelled the company to hone itself and stand at par with the most trusted and renowned travel agencies of UK. On 17th December 2014, we were granted the ultimate accolade from INVESTEC ‘Moresand Limited’ and have ranked among the Investec Mid-Market 100 lists of the fastest growing UK companies.

Travel2World began operating in 2011 and since then, has gathered customers all around the world. The company facilitates traveling in all major parts of the world covering all major airports. In association with major airline companies around the world, Travel2World is able to offer flight services to all major cities around the globe and bring to its customer, travel deals and packages for them to avail and choose for more suitable and cheaper ways of traveling versus spending a lot of money on travel and tour plans.

Efficient Customer Service

The travel agents at Travel2World are always available to assist travelers and tourists and troubleshoot any issues facing them before or during the trip. Our agents are ever ready to assist travelers and change the itineraries, guide them if they are stuck somewhere during the trip or provide consultancy on lowering travel costs. This is how the customer service of Travel2World becomes largely friendly for travelers and tourists. By being available to our customers at all times, we make sure that our customer service is efficient and provides all the assistance to our valued customers that they need.

We certainly understand the importance of travel being both comfortable and affordable. The substantial amount of travel solutions generated via Travel2World has provided us with the ability to negotiate and bring the most competitive price for our customers. Furthermore, we offer travel arrangements to an extensive range of destinations, around the world.

Travel2World immensely values the happy smiles from satisfied travel experiences from its customers. Therefore, our team strives to provide the best support, best deals and best services that are well-protected whilst you take home the best memories!

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